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               A blank canvas has infinite possibilities, but when I start a painting it’s as if it has always existed in my mind. Like it was always there just waiting to be discovered. Just like life, like us. When I create art, I feel the calm between the chaos. I feel a true connection with myself. I think about how life on earth started billions of years ago, different elements coming together into existence is infinite ways.

              Although I admire many artists, my greatest influences in art are Gustav Klimt, Jackson Pollock, Kandinsky, Chihuly, Venetian Glass blowers, the papermaker of Florence, and the Egyptians. I am inspired and draw energy from the beauty in nature, especially in the areas of geology and marine life. I see these influences in the end product. 

                I love to hear people talk about art, what they see how it makes them feel. Hearing all the different responses to the same painting. It is quite amazing how each person interprets them so differently.

                To me, art is a presence in an otherwise empty room. The feeling that I am not alone. I exist, I am.  Just like all of us....Art is the creation of something from nothing.”




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